About Us

Founder Dione Moser is no stranger to the distractions and isolation that can come with a home office. As a small business owner herself, she wanted to create a space where professionals could work, host meetings and build a network, without the lofty overhead of renting an entire office space.

Coworking Connection is that space. We’ve created an environment that fosters creativity and productivity with an open floor plan and multiple private rooms, catering to the everyday needs of small business owner.

The flexible nature of coworking allows for collaboration, but doesn’t require it. So, whether you want to use the shared space to work independently or collaborate with others, we have a place for you.

At Coworking Connection, members purchase a monthly package based on individual needs and budgets. This allows home-based business owners, entrepreneurs, remote employees and freelancers to pay only for the space they need.

Learn more about our prices HERE.

As a self-employed individual, I’m always trying to find a local coffee house or someplace comfortable to go over all of the documents with my clients. Now that I’ve joined Coworking Connection, I set appointments for my clients to meet me in a professional conference room. I only pay for the amount of time I use the room, and I can’t tell you how much of a benefit this has been to my business.

-Adam Ruiz, Mortgage Broker